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Pokemon GO Links

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Useful Pokemon Go links

"IV in Pokemon GO stands for Individual Value.

Though this may seem as a generic term, there's more to it. Along with the famous Pokemon statistics CP and HP, there are other statistics for a Pokemon in GO as well. They are: Stamina, Attack, Defence." - Posted on by Paras Shah. Paras Shah does a pretty good job of explaining what they are and why they are important.

IV calculators

- The Silph Road: IV Rater : Safe to use The way this one works is based on the Combat Power bar and trainer level. This one does not have Pokemon level 40.5 where the others do.

- Poke Assistant: IV Calculator: Safe to use I prefer this one over the other two alternatives below, just really a layout preference. It does not require you to log in.

- Game Info: IV Calculator: Safe to use It does not require you to log in. Poke Assistant alternative

- Pokemon Go Hub: IV Calculator: Safe to use This one does not go by stardust, instead it goes by the candy that is needed to power up (I feel like it does not do a very good job). It does not require you to log in. Poke Assistant alternative

Get exact IVs

- Automatic IV Calculator: Safe to use This is just a spread sheet for calculating IVs. The best part about this the ability to save it so you can always see your IVs/come back to it later on.

- PGnexus: Use at your own risk, it will get the exact IVs but you have to sign in to view them. (I don't think it works while on iOS and android as of right now)

- IV Calculator for Pokemon GO (Android): I do not have an android, no idea how this works or if it is safe, anyone who does please inform me and I will update this.

Pokemon Maps

- Skiplgged NYC Map: Mostly Manhattan, but it gets the other boroughs.

- Fast Poke Map: Only scans a 50 meter radius as of right now. I don't know if they are increasing the area.

- Poke Find: A map where other players are reporting Pokemon they have found.

- Poke Where: A map where it claims to scan 3 seconds after you drop a marker and stop moving. I have not used this one to see if actually works but figured I would add it.

If you would like to have other websites added to this list please leave a comment below and I will check them out and add them. Other categories are great too.

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